An Introduction

It is a great privilege for us to introduce to you the services offered by our company M/s IRONTECH ENGINEERING.


Our company's focus is on design, development and manufacturing of high precision process monitoring and controlling equipment which are used along with all types of Oxygen Generators, Furnaces, and Ovens. We have expertise in the manufacture of numerous kinds of Oxygen Generators, Furnaces, Ovens, and also its accessories. We have also undertaken revamping of Furnaces and Ovens for numerous of our customers. Sheet Metal Fabrication works and Structural Fabrication works are our core strength.


We have with us highly qualified and well experienced engineers. They ensure that we continue to deliver quality products to our customers as per customer's requirements. Our engineers have immense knowledge in the field of oxygen generator, furnace and oven building, and have previously worked for very reputed companies in the same field.

Factory and Location

Our factory is spread across 5000 sq. yards, and the factory is located in a very prime location in Bangalore, the Peenya Industrial Area.

We are well equipped with all the necessary machinery and equipment needed to manufacture oxygen generators, furnaces, and ovens. For instance, we have machinery with us which is required for sheet steel fabrication. So also, we have with us machinery used in light and heavy metal fabrication metal work such as radial drill, hand shearing machine, sheet bending machine, and so forth.

Our research department is well updated with the changes happening in the industry, and we embrace newer processes as and when it becomes available. We continue to strive to bring out innovative and effective products time and again.

All equipment in use in our factory are calibrated, and all machinery undergoes periodical maintenance and service.

We have lab facilities in our factory to ensure that the products we manufacture are inspected for quality and are approved prior to their dispatch. We take due care to ensure that every product we manufacture matches with the stringent quality standards of the industry. Quality is a sacred word at our factory, and our employees ensure that it is maintained at all costs.


We spend ample time understanding customer's requirements and it is only when we have everything covered that we start the manufacturing. The oxygen generators, furnaces, and ovens we have so far manufactured have been exact to our customer's requirements.


We are really committed to meeting our customer’s expectations not only in terms of the quality of our manufactured products, but also in ensuring that the products we manufacture are delivered on time.


Our pricing is very competitive and the best in the industry.


We would like to place a request that you consider using our services when you have a new requirement for a oxygen generator, furnace, or oven to be manufactured for your industry. You could also utilize our services if you have a requirement to revamp your old oxygen generator, furnace, or oven. We are also the company you could contact if you are in need of accessories for oxygen generators, furnaces, and ovens.

Please consider adding our company as an approved supplier to your supplier list. Please forward your inquiries to us as when they come up.

We look forward to having a fruitful business relationship with your esteemed company.


To offer oxygen generators, industrial furnaces, ovens, and other industrial equipment at a revolutionary pricing, while also ensuring that the quality of the product is uncompromised.

Our company stringently strives to function and meet the set forth objectives as guided by our mission statement.


Deliver a quality product that meets the exact requirements of the customer, and which also surpasses the customer's expectations.

Our vision statement guides us at every stage of the project, and this sentence is what we revisit at every stage to constantly remind us about where we are headed towards.

We provide awesomness!

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