Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is Irontech Engineering's factory located?

Our contact information is posted on the website in the Contact Us page. We also have our contact numbers and email address posted on the Home Page for your quick access. Our factory is located in Peenya, Bangalore, India.

2 Does Irontech produce only industrial furnaces?

Yes, our prime focus is only on manufacturing furnaces that are exclusively used in industries, or simply put we manufacture only industrial furnaces. We are therefore not involved in manufacturing furnaces that are used in domestic heating of home and offices, etc. For instance, radiator core baking furnace is an example of an industrial furnace we manufactured for an industry manufacturing radiator cores.

3Does Irontech produce only industrial ovens?

Yes, we exclusively manufacture ovens that are used by industries. Industrial ovens like radiator core baking oven, ovens for baking welding electrodes in a welding electrodes manufacturing plant, etc are examples of the kind of ovens we manufacture.

4Which are the different industrial furnaces Irontech has produced?

Roller Hearth Furnace, Batch type Radiator Core baking Furnace,  Conveyor Type furnace, Continuous Type furnace, and so forth. The list is quite exhaustive, and we simply cater to the needs of our customers.

5Which are the different types of industrial ovens Irontech has produced?

Radiator Drying Oven, Air Circulating Oven, Powder Coating Oven, Drying Oven, and so forth. The list goes on and on, and we are capable of catering to most of our customer's industrial oven requirements.

6Who are Irontech's clients?

We pride ourselves in having catered to an admirable list of esteemed customers. We would be more than glad to share the details with you when we have a confirmed order from you.

7Does Irontech Engineering export the furnaces they manufacture?


8We are a company located abroad, can Irontech Engineering manufacture a furnace to meet our requirements?

Yes. Please get in touch with us, and we can manufacture the furnace you are in need of after carefully understanding your requirements.

9Does Irontech Engineering manufacture furnaces for heating of homes and offices?

No. As mentioned in reply to Question 2, we do not manufacture furnaces used in domestic applications such as heating of homes and offices, as of now.

10How does Irontech Engineering know which type of furnace to manufacture for a particular client?

All the furnaces we have so far manufactured are 'custom-built' furnaces, and we manufactured them in strict accordance to customer's requirements. We do not design the furnaces we build. It is the customer who comes to us with the complete design, and we fabricate the furnace in accordance to their design. We may recommend changes based on our manufacturing experience, but it is up to the customer to incorporate or not incorporate it in the final design.

11What is Irontech Engineering's cost for manufacturing an industrial furnace or industrial oven?

It is usually based on the size of the furnace or oven we have to build.

12What is the least price at which an industrial furnace could be manufactured?

We do not go in terms of a 'least price', but rather our prices to manufacture an industrial or industrial oven is quite competitive and the best in the market. We never compromise on the quality of the materials used in the building of the furnaces and ovens.

13Does Irontech Engineering manufacture ovens for the food industry?

No, we do not manufacture ovens for the food industry as of now.

14Which are the kinds of ovens Irontech Engineering manufactured for bakeries?

No, we have not manufactured any ovens specifically for bakeries yet.

15Does Irontech Engineering manufacture bakery ovens?

No, we have not manufactured any bakery ovens yet.

16How fast can Irontech Engineering manufacture an oven for us?

2 to 3 weeks. Only a proper assessment of the entire requirement will reveal the exact time required to complete the fabrication work.

17 Do Irontech Engineering test the industrial furnaces and industrial ovens they manufacture?

Yes, all the industrial furnaces and industrial ovens we manufacture are quality tested prior to their dispatch.

18Which are the tests Irontech Engineering conducts on the industrial furnaces and ovens they manufacture?

 Industrial furnaces and industrial ovens manufactured by us are tested for uniformity, skin temperate, temperature leak test, temperature cycle, and so forth. We ensure in every way that our products confirms to numerous industrial standards.

19Does Irontech Engineering thermally map the industrial furnaces and ovens they manufacture?

Yes, we do thermally map the industrial furnaces we manufacture, but this is subject to specific requirements from the customer. We are partnered with Tracemetrics Laboratories, a calibration services company, to conduct the thermal mapping. Customers are charged an additional amount when they opt for this service.

20What is the amount I should pay to start an industrial furnace or oven manufacturing project with Irontech Engineering?

We expect our customers to pay us 50% of the total order value as advance payment to commence the project.

21Does Irontech Engineering deliver the industrial furnace or oven I ordered to my location?

Yes, we do deliver the products we manufacture to our customer's location. But, we charge our customers an additional amount to cover the transportation costs.

22Will Irontech Engineering install the industrial furnace or oven I've ordered at my location?

Yes, we install the industrial furnaces and ovens we build at the customer's location. We ensure that the product is fully operational after the installation.

23Tell us more about Irontech Engineering's capabilities in producing industrial furnaces and ovens.

Please follow this link to read more about our manufacturing capabilities:

24 I need an industrial furnace, what are the details that I should share with Irontech Engineering to have the industrial furnace manufactured the right way?
  • Size of the plant
  •  L x W X H of the Chamber
  • Dia x Height
  • Max temp
  • Operating Temp
  • Max load per Batch (type of load)
  • Heating Cycle, if any
  • Power Rating (Electric / type of fuel “ HSD, LDO, LPG”)
  • Batch type/Continuous type.
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen, endogas, Lpg, Oxygen, Ammonia, Methanol, Acetone, Hydrogen.
25Are the designs of industrial furnaces that Irontech Engineering uses standard ones?

As mentioned in reply to Question 10, we strictly manufacture the furnaces and ovens in accordance to the design the customer gives us.

26 I shall give the design of an industrial furnace; can Irontech Engineering manufacture it for us?

Yes. Please do get in touch with us. Please visit this page to know more about our contact details:

27 What is the warranty Irontech Engineering gives for the industrial furnaces and ovens it manufactures?

All the industrial furnaces and industrial ovens we manufacture have a one year warranty period.

28Can Irontech Engineering revamp my broken down industrial furnace?

Yes. Please get in touch with us. Visit our contact page for further contact information.

29I want to change the design of my existing furnace, can Irontech re-fabricate it for us by including the necessary changes?

 Yes. Please get in touch with us. Our contact page has all the information for you to contact us.

30We are in need of industrial furnace and industrial oven spares and accessories, can Irontech Engineering provide them?

Yes, please tell us your requirements. Visit our contact page for our contact information.

31Yes, we are in need of a new industrial furnace, what should we now do?

Please send us an enquiry, with a detailed description of what exactly your needs are. Please visit our contact page for our contact details. You could write to us or call us.

32Why are Irontech Engineering's industrial furnaces and ovens cheaper in comparison to their competition?

Our products are not 'cheap', but they are priced in strict accordance with the market value. Further our location gives us some advantage, read more about it here: For a particular quality our products are far superior and competitively priced than our competition.

33Which standards of materials does Irontech Engineering use in the construction of industrial ovens and industrial furnaces?

The materials we use in the construction of industrial ovens and industrial furnaces confirms to the IS Standards

34How does Irontech Engineering confirm that there is no heat leakage from the industrial furnace they have just manufactured?

Some tests like skin temp., I.R thermometer test, and so forth are conducted to rule out heat leakage.

35How does Irontech Engineering determine the efficiency of the industrial furnaces and industrial ovens they manufacture?

Numerous tests including the ones discussed in replies to Questions 18 and 19 are conducted to determine the efficiency of the industrial furnaces and ovens we manufacture.

36I need to leave our contact information for Irontech Engineering to get back to us, what should I do?

Please visit this page to submit your contact information with us. We'll get in touch with you in no time.

37 What are the other services Irontech Engineering can provide companies with?

We also help companies with revamping of their broken-down furnaces or ovens. We also provide spares and accessories for various types of furnaces and ovens. We also re-fabricate furnaces and ovens to meet newer requirements of customers.

38Does Irontech Engineering have a Facebook page?

Yes. Please visit us at irontechindia

39What is Irontech Engineering's IndiaMart profile?

40Can Irontech Engineering repair our broken-down furnace?
41What is the Google Maps location of Irontech Engineering's factory?

Our Google Maps location is this:

42Can you share with us the images and videos of industrial furnaces and industrial ovens Irontech Engineering has built?

Yes. Please check out our gallery too.

43Can you share with us testimonials of customers who used Irontech Engineering for their industrial furnaces or industrial ovens requirements?


44Can you give us references of customers who have used Irontech Engineering's services in building industrial ovens and industrial furnaces?


45 Does Irontech Engineering have Google reviews?

Please check out our Google Reviews

46Does Irontech Engineering use their own vehicle to transport the products they manufacture?

No, we use a hired transport service.

47Does Irontech Engineering have a limitation on the size of the industrial furnace they are capable of building?


48How will Irontech Engineering support us if an industrial furnace or industrial oven built through Irontech Engineering breaks down?

Our service engineers will visit your factory and support you by fixing the break-down. Break-downs are rare if the furnaces and ovens we manufacture are operated within the scope of their operation.

49Have industrial furnace or oven building projects running at Irontech Engineering ever been delayed?

No, they have never ever exceeded the time limit.

50 Can I terminate an industrial furnace or oven building project I've signed with Irontech Engineering midway?

No, this is not possible, and we expect our customers to support us in this aspect. We expect our customers to make a confirmed decision prior to placing an order with us.

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